About Us

Women Opting for More Affordable Housing Now, Inc. (WOMAN, Inc.) is a not-for-profit corporation organized as a community housing development organization on March 13, 1993 with the express purpose of developing affordable housing opportunities for women. Women of domestic violence who are referred through one of the domestic violence women’s centers in the Southeast Texas geographic area make up the target population for these housing opportunities. The organization may finance, own, maintain, operate and/sell or otherwise dispose of the properties it develops in order to provide the most cost-effective project that is affordable to qualified women and other at risk populations earning fifty percent or less of median income.

All projects are built to include case management services and daycare services at some of the sites. WOMAN, Inc. provides the space for the applicable services and contracts with other social service agencies for case management and daycare support. The funds are secured through grant sources and may be secured by WOMAN, Inc. or the social services provider depending on the manner in which the project was developed.

Strategic Goals:

  • WOMAN, Inc. will develop affordable housing for women leaving abusive relationships and other at risk populations
  • Promote WOMAN, Inc. as a resource for expertise to other organizations, agencies, government, community and advocacy organizations on issues of affordable housing
  • Establish partnerships/collaborative efforts to provide permanent housing opportunities